Complete understanding of client requirement and user perspective is our prime focus…

At Sterco, innovation in inevitable as we believe in thinking out of the box and with every new project we get charged up to explore the world of technology and perform beyond the client's expectations.

Sterco DigitexWe have a team of script writers profound in technical as well as creative writing. Our writers have a sharp intellect and are well versed with creative writing in various fields of businesses and academics. Apart from this, they have additionally been trained by Sterco to grasp and transform course material into scripts.

Sterco DigitexInstructional strategies require a meticulous understanding of the objective of the project and at Sterco, we begin with a detailed study of the client's idea, requirement, end user's perspective and the delivery model of the project. Our team develops comprehensive storyboards where the learning module is structured and put in for further development.

Sterco DigitexInstructional Designing is all about enhancing the learning experience with audio-video aid, graphics and animation. Our team of Instructional Designers is highly skilled and carries a great experience and innovative ideas. They have been an integral part of many of our success stories.

Sterco DigitexIllustration is the soul of the learning programme as it largely affects the visual outcome of the project. The design of support materials for eLearning is an important element when calibrating the formative value of the educational message. Our illustrators create comprehensive illustrations that support the courses and enhance the visual descriptiveness.

Sterco DigitexProgramming can increase the ability to create meaningful interactions for the learners. The programming team at Sterco, carries out the programming process meticulously makings sure that the end result is user friendly, high quality and fulfilling the objective of the project.

Sterco DigitexOur Project Managers provide support to the teams and ensure that the project is being handled perfectly, coordinated smoothly and completed in time while scoring high on quality standards. They are the people who have ample experience in project management and coordination.

Sterco DigitexThe team leaders are responsible for prioritizing and monitoring the work undertaken by the various teams and at the same time our team leaders extend all required help, training and motivational exercises for the teams to stay focused and perform to their best.

Sterco DigitexThe most crucial phase of development is the quality analysis stage and at Sterco, we strive to maintain our record of delivering perfection. This is done by conducting multiple quality checks. This includes content check, navigation check, platform testing followed by the final launch of the E-learning course.

The Visualizer generates the ideas pertaining to the required text and gives a graphical presentation by using software like Photoshop, Illustrator and Coral Draw. At Sterco, we have a strong team of Visualizers with good experience and talent. They play a major role at the initial stage of every project and never fail to come up with innovative designs.

Sterco DigitexGraphic Designers play a significant role in our e-learning projects. They understand the client, the project requirements and the temperament of learners and that is how we design the most appropriate, interest generating and expressive graphics to support the courseware.

Sterco DigitexA flash designer or a flash programmer provides cutting edge interactive solutions to your project. At Sterco, we have a team of flash designers with great skills, who provides a newer and trendy look to the project by developing unmatched flash applications and integration into projects.

Sterco DigitexVoice over Artist play an important role in the success of a project. She/ He guide learners of all ages to the next level in their education or career. At Sterco, we have in-house professional voice over artists who act as the voices behind the interactive learning courseware.

Sterco DigitexOur animators possess unparallel skills in flash animation and bring life to illustrations. The brilliance in animation reflects clearly in the end product and we constantly brush our skills to make animations look even more engaging and close to real life.


The e-learning projects that Sterco did for us involved acute understanding of the E-learning domain. They have developed CDs for primary classes. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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