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Jun 17, 2014

A few ways to explain interactivity in rapid e-learning

A lot of debate surrounds interactivity in e-learning.

Many think that e-learning is worthless if it does not have interactive elements.  None wishes to go through a boring click-and-read courseware. For many, interactivity such as Flash Animation lends value to the course and improves a learner’s retention.

On the contrary, there are many people equating interactivity with absurd Flash Games. For such people, the presence of interactive elements in a courseware squanders expense and time. Such people think that interactivity hogs the limelight and devalues the real course content. Interactivity, for these people, is nothing but bells and whistles in course content.

The decision to incorporate slick 2d Animation and other such elements in a course module depends upon the nature of the content. A few tips to determine when to introduce interactivity in an e-learning courseware are mentioned below.

Not all e-learning projects are similar

E-learning content varies. A few of training modules are designed specifically to share information. Such courseware does not have any type of performance expectations attached to them. The reasons to incorporate interactive elements in such a courseware must not be considered when a performance-oriented module is talked of.

You have an entire gamut of interactivity to choose from. However, first you must know the context of an e-learning courseware.

Design, look and feel of interactivity

Just like a play, a courseware must communicate a story effectively. Get the answer to the question: “Whether interactive elements will be of any help while telling the story in a course module?” Know what will be the ambience of the courseware – most of the times, ambience helps in attracting learners. Also, understanding audiences always helps in laying the foundation of an excellent courseware.

Create exploratory content

Many people do not learn following a linear approach. Such people like to explore their environment. Exploration is always a key element of learning. Despite the fact, many course modules force learners to lock navigation and stick on a linear path. Even if the courseware demands to have a locked navigation, it is significant to let learners click and gain information. This much of interactivity must be available in any type of courseware.

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