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Jun 23, 2014

Keeping pace with K12 learning

Being a parent you would want to try out the new innovative methods of imparting learning to your children apart from the traditional way. If online education interests you and your child, you would be curious about its innovative methods too. Although you must be aware of the understood reasons for your interest, have you ever wondered if elearning is booming or not? Or if it’s becoming popular? Do all the apps provide great learning exposure to students or not? Or your child’s course options are diminishing?

Speaking of technologically advanced learning, there are plenty of educational apps for kids available for mobiles, tablets and desktop. Subjects like mathematics, science, general knowledge, history and even some special/ outstanding subjects like psychology are covered by these innovative apps.

Over the years, there has been significant transformation in the education industry based on online instruction. Such learning is becoming apparent not only amongst kids or youngsters but adults are also referring these subject related apps for added advantage or to have some fun while learning with animation and artwork.


It is observed and believed by the digital learning advocates that online or technically blended learning is continuously changing the K-12 education. K12 elearning is expanding more than the traditional types of classroom technology. The use of contemporary tools is making learners shift to elearning. This is because of the use of colors, animation, and voice over that instantly grab children attention. Now a days, there are various free educational apps that are reaching the entire world. Moreover, such applications are creating a variety of opportunities that did not exist previously.

Some of the points that make a great app are as below:

Developmental Appropriateness: For an app to do well, it is very essential to make the first step right. The programming and development of the apps must be user friendly and systematic.

Balance: This is definitely one of the major points to remember because a polished looking app is a must for any app developer.

Sustainability: Variety of activities should come with more interactive features.

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