K–12 Learning

Sterco Digitex has been involved in development of customized E-learning content in the K-12 domain for over a decade. Our team is experienced in developing content that is enriching, highly interactive and helps students grasp concepts through examples related to real world. The company possesses rich experience in Instructional Design, mapping content to the curricula and meeting students’ learning requirements through interactive digital media.

The company is well acquainted with challenges involved in conversion of traditional book based content into interactive learning solutions while retaining the essence of the core content. The company has delivered learning solutions in Flash and HTML5 for school curricula across all grades.

Sterco is experienced in dealing with different stages of development namely.

  • Social Studies - Grade 4

  • Mathematics - Grade 2

  • Science - Grade 1

  • English Grammar - Grade 8

  • Geography - Grade 6

  • Geography - Grade 6

  • Geography - Grade 6

  • Mathematics - Grade 3

  • Social Studies-Grade 4


The e-learning projects that Sterco did for us involved acute understanding of the E-learning domain. They have developed CDs for primary classes. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

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